June 05, 2021


By Nidhi Gandhi

Tampering with brass and making artifacts out of it is not an easy task! Although a versatile metal, it still needs certain precision and detail when turning it from just another metal to something that pleases the eye. Only a true artisan can do justice to turn this solid metal into something beautiful.

In awe of the effort involved and with an intention to give back, I wanted to do something to empower all these women - men artisans. MYANSH was created with a goal to bring beautiful, high-quality, limited-edition pieces from these artisans in India to the forefront, globally. Now, while we would have LOVED to include pieces with precious metals and stones, expensive jewelry frankly isn't something you just start off with as a small business owner. Plus, I strongly wanted to offer pieces that I would wear on a day-to-day basis myself. 

What does MYANSH stand for?

  • Fair Trade - to value artists and their work through collaboration & fair
  • Global Sustainability - Having a sustainable environment is crucial for all of We are a part of this movement, and encourage those around us to become more aware of their surroundings.
  • Artist Support - We support our artists' work and become a part of their artistic journey.

Here’s our favorite pieces getting hand-crafted:


As gold-tone jewelry has increased in popularity over this decade-by-decade, the popularity of 'gold-like' looking brass jewelry is also on the rise. And so, if our little initiative gives local artisans a way to gain awareness and market their products globally, we are all for it and so should you be!