Why Us

The brand's initial launch contains Unique Brass Jewelry.

  • Artisanal meets Class

    Putting people & planet first! We aim at breaking the cycle of generational poverty and ignite a social change, so we source our products directly from artisan and all the while creating access to Global Market.

  • Elegance meets Minimalism

    While ideal for everyday wear, MyAnsh jewelry is versatile enough to seamlessly transition to nighttime attire and can easily be paired with formal evening wear.

  • Lightweight Feels

    Our products are designed to give you the complete ease of carrying them into the occasions where you do not want to restrict your movements.

  • Nickel Free 

    All products are nickel-free & are designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response

  • Rust-free & Non-Tarnish

    All products are finished with a protective coating that makes it rust-free and non- tarnished pieces.

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