Who We Are

M Y A N S H is an online lifestyle boutique, featuring Artisanal Treasures that elevates everyday living. Our mission is to make available the widest range of responsibly produced goods across various consumer categories, while equally supporting artisans gain access to global markets. We specialize in handmade, artisanal, eco-friendly yet sustainable products.

Founder & Curator, Nidhi Gandhi is an explorer, and she intends to share her passion for artisanal crafts, fashion, and creativity through M Y A N S H that takes the mundane and makes it extraordinary.

The brand name ‘M Y A N S H’ is derived from the founder Nidhi Gandhi’s son, Ansh, meaning ‘a part of something.’ The store’s abbreviation, MA, means ‘Mother’, that is additionally a tribute to the founder’s own journey of Motherhood and that of all the mothers she created her online boutique store for.

She enjoys working on the ground with craftsmen and artisans alike. She drives to inspire beautiful living and modern giving. As a brand, her vision is to encourage everyday feel-good vibes through thoughtfully curated products that are made with ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

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