June 05, 2021


By Nidhi Gandhi
Cute Burmese Child with Brass Jewelry


The invention of Brass dates back to the early 5th century in China. From being used for wars due to its resistance to corrosion, to now being used for everyday things because of its solid versatility. Romans used brass in vessels and dress armors. Nowadays it's been used in the making of music instruments, décor and household items. But mainly because of its bright 'gold-like' look, it has now become a dominant part of the Jewelry and Fashion industry!

Remember those royal looking pitchers we saw in the infamous HBO series “Game of Thrones” - those were made of Brass.


Brass jewelry has been part of many cultures, especially across the East. In Burma, brass coils have been worn by Kayan women to elongate their necks. Their belief is that the longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman. The brass coils can weigh around 20 kilograms. According to the tribe this custom was established to protect women from being attacked by rival tribes. Girls of the Kayan community start wearing those big brass rings at the age of five/six.

Kayan Women with Brass Coil Neckpiece

In northern Thailand this brass ring practice has surged in popularity, attracting tourists to the destination, thus generating revenue for the local villagers!